How Much Can I Save?
Our Research Has shown that an average household using the Redwater Diverter system could save approximately 16,000 litres of water every year, that's approximately *9.3% of potable water used! These figures are only based on average daily usage. You could save even more than this!

To help save water, the Brisbane City Council  recommend residents have 4 minute showers. If you install the Redwater Diverter system the first half of your 4 minute shower won't be cold!

To test how much you can save, wait until the hot water pipes have cooled overnight, then use a bucket to catch the Redwater at the hot tap in your kitchen and bathroom. When the hot water arrives, turn off the tap and measure how much water is in the bucket.

If you waited at your kitchen sink for 1 minute, you could save approximately 9 litres each time you use the tap!

*The percentage was calculated using information from the Brisbane City Council advising that average daily water consumption for Brisbane households in April 2007 was 470 litres per day. 
How Much Will it Cost?
Depending on where your hot water system is installed, the average home would require a Redwater Diverter for the kitchen and one for each additional bathroom.

The investment in a Redwater Diverter is AU$110.00 RRP (GST inclusive). 

You will require a plumber to install each Redwater Diverter and return line. The averag installation would tak a plumber 1 - 3 hours. The cost of materials for the return line will depend on the size of your house and the length required. The return line can be polythene or polybutylene pipe which is cheap and quick to install.

Most plumbers have a piping system they are familiar with and should be able to make further recommendations. 
Redwater Hot Facts!
The Redwater Diverter:
  • Doesn't need electricity! So it has no ongoing costs.
  • Has versatile options for use of the saved water.
  • Obtains near 100% water recovery.
  • Is usable with any hot water system in any location.
  • Is usable with any existing or new tapware.
  • Doesn't need you to change the way you live, just use the hot tap as normal.
  • Is compact and simple.
  • Can be easily retrofitted into existing plumbing or installed into new constructions.
  • Complements other water saving products and systems.
  • Was invented in Australia.
  • Is made in Australia and patented in Australia (worldwide patents pending).

The Redwater Diverter is manufactured to International and Australian Standard ISO AS/NZ 9002, and is certified to Australian Standard AS 1357.2.

It helps you do your bit for the environment without changing the way you live!

What people are saying...
"This device, I believe, is well thought out and particularly interesting in that it does not use energy" - Chris Walton, Managing Director Landmatters Currumbin Valley Pty Ltd - The Eco Village at Currumbin

"A truly innovative product. I love it so much I want one in my own home" - Jim McKnoulty - Brisbane Resident

"It is the most economical way of saving water in its field, it is easy to install, every home owner should want one." - Paul Reedy, Manager K & R Plumbing Supplies.